UNHCR's operation in India is based in New Delhi and has an office in Chennai. In New Delhi, UNHCR conducts mandate Refugee Status Determination (RSD) for individual asylum seekers from non-neighbouring countries, with the exception of Myanmar. Together with our partners, we maintain a network of outreach offices across Delhi.

The UNHCR office in Chennai supports the voluntary repatriation of Sri Lankan refugees to their home country. It was opened in 1992, primarily to verify voluntariness of return of Sri Lankan refugees. UNHCR's role was to ascertain if refugees were returning of their own free will -that is, none were being forced back.

UNHCR Presence in India

Offices: Country Office in New Delhi and Field Office in Chennai
Total: 2

Staff: National staff (27), International staff (7), United Nations Volunteers (21), UNOPS contract holders (15) and International Interns (2)
Total: 72



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