The UNHCR India office gathers and synthesizes monthly data and figures at the country level. These statistics enable the Representation's Programme, Protection and Public Information Units to monitor the developments and plan the country operations, budget and personnel.

UNHCR's operation in India is based in New Delhi and has an office in Chennai. In New Delhi, UNHCR conducts mandate Refugee Status Determination (RSD) for individual asylum seekers from non-neighbouring countries, with the exception of Myanmar. The UNHCR office in Chennai supports the voluntary repatriation of Sri Lankan refugees to their home country.

As of end December 2014, there are some 31,000 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in India.

Breakdown of Refugees Registered under UNHCR's mandate in India

Afghanistan 10,395
Myanmar 14,300
Somalia 654
Others * 516
Total 25,865

Breakdown by Nationality of Asylum Seekers

Afghanistan 1305
Myanmar 2970
Others * 799
Total 5,074

Some 51% of refugees and asylum-seekers are men, while 49% are women. There are some 11,000 children below the age of 18.

* Other nationalities including refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan.

Legal and Institutional Framework

1951 Refugee Convention -
1967 Protocol -
1954 Statelessness -
1961 Statelessness -
ICCPR 10 April 1979
ICESCR 10 April 1979
CRC 11 December 1992
CEDAW 9 July 1993
Who does refugee status determination (RSD)? UNHCR

Know your numbers - worldwide

Facts and figures are vital to UNHCR for planning and preparedness. UNHCR's full-time statisticians keep track of the number of people of concern to the Agency. These figures are released every June in the annual Global Trends report, while the Norwegian Refugee Council releases annual global figures for internally displaced people.

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