The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has established partnerships with a wide variety of actors to deal with the crucial issues of refugee protection, resettlement and operations. These range from government to non-governmental organizations, the private sector, civil society and refugee communities.

In order to more efficiently carry out its mandate, UNHCR India works with its 'Implementing Partners'. This page provides information on all its implementing partners.

Bosco, New Delhi


Bosco  is part of the Don Bosco Global Network spread across 135 countries, running educational institutions, vocational and technical training centers and community empowerment projects, providing various services to young people around the globe.

Since 2002,  Bosco has been an implementing partner of UNHCR for the self reliance programme. Bosco Self Reliance Programme (BSRP) supports refugees and asylum seekers in acquiring vocational skills and finding work in the informal sector. Bosco's mission for their work with refugees is that youth acquire job oriented vocational skills and get employed, and that women are empowered by utilizing their existing skills to provide income for their families.

Bosco helps children of refugees and asylum seekers to get admission in schools, monitors their progress and runs tuition classes. Bosco runs crèches for young children.  Bosco also helps refugees and asylum seekers access government hospitals and dispensaries, and to obtain generic medicines.

In addition, Bosco runs 12 youth clubs for refugees, asylum seekers and their Indian friends, in Delhi and surrounding areas. The youth clubs develop campaigns on the importance of education, nutrition and health and on prevention of sexual and gender based violence.

Focus Areas: Education, Health, Youth and Livelihoods

Partner since: 2002

The Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC), New Delhi


The Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC) is part of the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) which is a collective of lawyers and social activists dedicated to the use of the legal system to advance human rights. HRLN collaborates with social movements, human rights organizations, and grass-roots development groups to enforce the rights of marginalized groups such as women, children, refugees, people with disabilities and people living with HIV, among others. It provides pro bono legal services and conducts public interest litigations. SLIC provides free legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, liaises with the local authorities and helps eligible refugees to acquire Indian citizenship through naturalization and registration. 

Focus Areas: Legal Aid, Citizenship through naturalization and registration

Partner since: 2001

The Gandhi National Memorial Society (GNMS), Pune

The Gandhi National Memorial Society (GNMS) promotes Gandhian policies and aims at overall development of deprived women and children. Education, vocational training courses, counselling, rehabilitation and other activities focussing on women and youth are carried out by the organisation. GNMS is a UNHCR implementing partner and helps refugees in Pune and surrounding areas of Maharashtra by providing counselling, legal and social support.

Focus Areas: Overall support to refugees and asylum seekers residing in Maharashtra and Goa

Partner since: 1997

Confederation of Voluntary Associations (COVA), Hyderabad


The Confederation of Voluntary Associations, is a national network of voluntary organizations in India dedicated to the issues of social harmony, peace and justice. Initiated in 1994, the prime focus of COVA is on citizenship rights and on perspective building for harmony and peace in South Asia. Through direct programmes and by networking with other community service organizations, COVA organises perspective building activities and programs, carries out campaigns, and conducts research for influencing diverse sections of civil society and the state apparatus to adopt inclusive, secular and egalitarian outlook and policies that would foster rights and secure justice and peace for all. COVA is a UNHCR implementing partner and helps refugees in Hyderabad by providing counselling, legal and social support.

Focus Areas: Overall support to refugees and asylum seekers residing in Hyderabad.

Partner since: 2010

Development And Justice Initiative (DAJI)


Development And Justice Initiative (DAJI) is concerned with development and justice processes. It is an initiative that works on human rights, environment, gender and governance. It works to strengthen the capacities of migrants, refugees, Indigenous People and women to improve the quality of their lives and advocate for their rights.

Focus Areas: Support to refugees and asylum seekers in Jammu, Mewat and Jaipur.

Partner since: 2014


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